Bajra aata laddu

Ingredients Bajra Laddu:

Half kg Bajra flour

250 gm Ghee

250 gm Jaggery as per taste


Firstly make a dough of bajra flour.

Then make as much paranthas as you can with the help of dough using ghee.

After that let the paranthas cool and grind them in the mixer.

Now take a big pan and pour all the mixture you made of paranthas and pour some ghee just to bind the batter .

Now put the jaggery cutting into fine peices using knife..

Mix it till it melts down.

And then make laddoos from it..

Very yummy and healthy for winters..

Come on give it a try.

Make it for Your Father, Husband and Grandparents.

Ask me if you face any problem.

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